PTS the Perfect Solution for Companies Who Want a Comprehensive View of Their IT Estate

From procurement to disposal, we will audit, inventory, track, maintain and report your IT details for you. Not only will your information be easily accessible, but your organization will exceed all compliance requirements.

PTS has the most advanced tools and dedicated management team that can help you take full advantage of your current assets and make the most strategic decisions for the future. You’ll see immediate benefits including:

  • Elimination of compliance risks and penalties through accurate reporting
  • Improvement of business intelligence with an integrated view of spending and usage patterns
  • Decreased costs of unnecessary software license compliance purchases and maintenance fees
  • Optimization of current assets to make better decisions for future purchases
  • Improvement of IT governance with full lifecycle management of your software and hardware

PTS is the go-to software license compliance and IT asset management company. Because your technology, workforce and infrastructure can change at such a rapid pace, it is understandable why many businesses quickly fall behind while attempting to manage it all. PTS makes sure you automatically get the deliverables you need, without the added burden on your staff.

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