On-Premise AWS-Compatible Private Cloud

Cloud-native applications are rapidly becoming the standard, driving enterprises to build AWS-driven strategies for applications and data. But, the adoption of an ‘all-in’ cloud strategy bares significant challenges as enterprises are required to align on-prem and cloud strategies while managing various types of applications, both cloud-native and legacy, as well as data.

PTS offers a holistic software-defined infrastructure solution that enables enterprises to transition towards a hybrid and AWS-based strategy. The platform transforms any x86 server into an elastic, usable and consumable cloud capacity that is AWS compatible. Deployed in minutes, it enables IT organizations to align with an AWS cloud first strategy and offers the sought after flexibility and simplicity, in managing all workloads and resources, via a single pane of glass, decoupled from any hardware vendor constraints.

  • Infinite Capacity with Growth On-Demand
  • Simple & Easy to Manage
  • Fully Managed Services that Automate and Monitor Processes

Gain Simplicity, Data Protection and Efficiency by Leveraging Hyperconvergence in the Data Center

  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • Hypervisor Included
  • Enterprise Grade Data Recovery

OpenStack Ready Cloud

  • Deployed in Minutes
  • Single Software Stack

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

  • Consolidate and Transform Your Data Center into a Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Dev/Test Environment

  • Dev/Test agility that you can only imagine

Big Data

  • Meeting the Needs of Growing Analytical Demands Requires a New Software and Hardware Approach

Virtual Machines vs. Containers

  • Allow you to work with both virtualization technologies that are headed for a crossroads in a fight for dominance in the data center


Users can create VMs based on their choice of image and selected CPU, memory and storage sizing, and manage them.


Fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service that removes operational barriers of adopting container-based strategy.

Object Storage

Software-defined object storage service provides applications with persistent scalable object storage.

Block Storage

Software-defined block storage service provides applications with persistent scalable virtual volumes.


Managing databases involves not just deployment, but also complex operational aspects such as storage, backup, failure detection, disaster recovery and upgrades. Symphony makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale databases by offering a fully managed database as a service that removes operational friction of deploying databases and managing common database administrative tasks throughout their lifecycle. Symphony’s highly scalable, open and secure database as a service offers support for databases users are looking for along with the cloud-based consumption model they demand.


Software-defined network services offer tenants optimal control over their private virtual network, including selection of internal IP address range, configuration of virtual routers and connectivity to network gateways.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring services for all virtual resources and health notifications

Application Catalog

In addition to 130+ pre-packed stacks, admins can create VM template catalogs to boost developers productivity and offer customers additional services

Identity & Access Management

User authentication and access service offers integration with user stores (LDAP, AD) and distributed multi-tenant authorization

 Migration Services (V-to-V)

Automatic conversion services for easy on-boarding of VMs and volumes from VMware and Hyper-V

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