Hyperconvergence is the ultimate in an overall trend of convergence that has hit the market in recent years. Convergence is intended to bring simplicity to increasingly complex data centers. At the highest level, hyperconvergence is a way to enable cloud-like economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, and availability you expect in your own data center. PTS has partnered with several best-in-class manufacturers to enable us to tailor a solution for your business. Our solution will save you time, money, headcount, and will make Disaster Recovery a breeze. This will also free up your existing IT staff to focus more on business needs instead of administrative tasks, all without impacting the flow of daily operations.

Evolution of Hyperconvergence

PTS starts by using an industry-standard, simply-run program that provides us with a true snapshot of your current IT environment. After our analysis of the data we can identify trouble areas and will provide recommendations for optimization and improvement. We are confident our solution will not only run more smoothly, but will offer better data protection, faster recovery time, and will be easier to manage. When implemented, our solutions often result in an OPEX savings with a return-on-investment (ROI) of 30-60%!

Five Myths about a Hyperconvergence Deployment:

  1. It’s Open and Standards-Driven Though server hardware is fairly commodotized and able to run the OS of your choice, you’re often locked into the same vendor when you want to expand.
  2. It’s Expensive At scale, the cost savings in a data center is insignificant.  To reduce costs, you must reduce time for deployment. Converged systems can deploy much more quickly, often in hours instead of days or weeks.
  3. Hyperconvergence is best for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Although VDI is currently the killer app for hyperconverged infrastructure, new uses are being discovered daily, and the killer app is still out there.
  4. It Will Kill SAN This is simply not the case; SAN is still fairly robust.
  5. It will increase interoperability Hyperconvergence will not solve interoperability issues on its own; any issues must be approached the same way you would with other systems.

Our hyperconverged infrastructure solution offers the following benefits…

  • Optimization – Greatly reduce storage requirements across production and backup data
  • Integrated Disaster Recover
    • Backup – Take less than 1 minute to complete a local backup or restore of a 1TB VM
    • Failover / Recovery – RPO/RTO’s from hours/days to minutes
  • Simple – Fully integrates VMware vCenter
  • Manageable – A single global interface many VMs across many physical data centers
  • Flexible – Suitable for any combo of premise and/or collocated data center and seamlessly integrates with public cloud

Suitable for most IT operating environments:

Private cloud – VDI – Remote Office / Branch Office – Most Tier 1 Apps – Dev/Test Environments


Where is your IT Environment? 

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