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PTS’ Data Center Virtualization Needs Analysis Service is a comprehensive business requirements analysis of a client’s future virtualization needs including required hardware, targeted server consolidation and optimization, applications needing separation for proper operation and performance, required numbers of virtual servers, operational flexibility requirements, security requirements, impact on disaster recovery, and network operational management.

The goal of this service is to fully understand the existing and future requirements of the client’s server infrastructure and the value that a Virtualization Strategy may provide. PTS can perform this service standalone or in combination with a Virtualization Site Survey Service in preparation for Assessment, Planning and development of a Technology Roadmap and/or systems design for virtualization.

The Virtualization Needs Analysis Survey includes the following:

  • An understanding of the business benefits of a virtualization strategy
  • Identification of appropriate virtualization techniques and solutions for use throughout the enterprise for IT infrastructure equipment (servers and storage area networks)
  • Review of potential cost reductions, operational flexibility, and responsiveness provided by virtualization of infrastructure
  • Determination of how much host capacity is needed in the near- and long-term to support the enterprise
  • Virtualization spending requirements as a percentage of total IT budget
  • Tools for proper optimization and management of the virtual infrastructure

The Needs Analysis – Virtualization Service serves as a future requirements creation phase in the progression of the data center project process.

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Interview information technology management stakeholders and core applications users to determine benefits of virtualization and future needs Comprehensive interview process gathers information from all client stakeholders in an objective manner eliminating political agendas
Understand what the organization is looking to accomplish with virtualization (i.e. reclaim space, reduce costs, simply server management, etc.) Sets a framework for development of Key Design Criteria for future assessments, planning, and design of a virtualized IT network
Establish baseline requirements for virtualization of infrastructure and understand expected changes to that baseline Reduces future capital investment and aids in planning and design
Develop framework for decision making related to virtualization in support of emerging applications and database requirements within the enterprise Provides insights necessary within the IT infrastructure to support new and emerging database and applications requirements for the enterprise
Review of potential costs and cost savings made possible by virtualizing various IT infrastructure within the enterprise Provides a preliminary understanding of savings related to implementation of a virtualization program

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