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You can’t have your head in the cloud unless your feet are on the ground. PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc. has been building turnkey systems from the ground up since 1998, and is introducing a full suite of Cloud Services using our proprietary P-POD™ approach. P POD™ represents a revolutionary approach to deliver converged IT infrastructure in a solution geared for mid-size enterprise requirements. The PTS P-POD™ system is built on highly secure, reliable, and best-in-class infrastructure blocks from leading IT manufacturers.

PTS is able to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions specifically designed for enterprise clients. We can provide public cloud (shared), private cloud (dedicated), and hybrid cloud (mixed) servers, SAN, and desktop infrastructure.

The PTS Cloud Advantage:

  • Cloud data center managed by industry leading experts at PTS
  • Infrastructure platform built on best-in-class providers
  • Install and deploy in hours
  • Secure network environment

PTS Data Center Solutions provides a full suite of Cloud Services, whether you require:

Secure Multi-Tenant Environment

  • Shared Secure Network, Compute, and Storage Resources
  • Dedicated Organizational Virtual Data Center (oVDC)
  • Cloud Management Interface
  • Multi-Data Center Backup & Replication Options
Secure Dedicated Cloud Environment

  • Dedicated Compute and Storage Resources
  • Dedicated Provider Virtual Data Center (pVDC)
  • Dedicated Virtual SAN Interface (VSI) to CIFS, NFS, or iSCSI
  • Cloud Management Interface
  • Multi-Data Center Backup & Replication Options
Shared or Dedicated Hyperconverged Environment

  • Hyperconverged Compute, Storage, Backup, & Replication
  • Global Deduplication, Hardware Acceleration, and Global Federated Management
  • Dedicated Environment or oVDC
  • Cloud Management Interface
  • Multi-Data Center Backup & Replication Options
Dedicated Environment

  • On-Premise Delivered & Built Converged IT, Facility, & Cabling Solution
  • Multiple Converged IT Infrastructure Options
  • Customized Space, Power, Cooling, Fire Protection, and Monitoring Options
  • Customized Copper and/or Fiber Deployment Options
  • Deployed to Any Data Center



Managed Services (Optional)


PTS Managed

 •   Monitoring
•   Alert & Escalation
•   Patch Management
•   Managed Backup
•   Managed Failover & Recovery
•   Add-on Application Support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and/or SharePoint


24 hrs. RPO
28 hrs. RTO
8 hrs. RPO
24 hrs. RTO
1 hr. RPO
4 hrs. RTO
10 min. RPO
10 min. RTO

Your Cloud… Your Way… Your Place or Mine?

PTS-P-Pod-logoAt the heart of PTS’ new cloud data center is our completely tested and vetted reference architecture: P-POD™. The P-POD™ design provides converged secure IT infrastructure for enterprise and/or multi-tenancy solutions for public, private, and hybrid cloud services.

PTS P-PODTM Features

  • A simplified network architecture with a more scalable network architecture
  • Standard, pre-validated, best-in-class converged platform with virtualized and non-virtualized environments
  • Flexible platform that scales up or out to fit many mixed workloads across routing, switching, and security portfolios
  • Supports thousands of ports within a single-tier data center or cloud network with ultra-low latency, high-resiliency within a single switching platform.
  • PTS Software Defined Network (SDN) platform works with ANY
  • Open Cloud Platform
  • Hypervisor Agnostic
  • Physical Network

PTS P-PODTM Benefits

  • Reduced OPEX which can be passed on to clients and makes the data center easier to scale
  • Business agility through virtualized architectures that provide maximum speed, control, and adaptability for the deployment of applications
  • Flexibility delivers a future-proof platform to meet today’s challenges and scale for future needs
  • Built-in data center efficiencies lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with simplified deployments and rapid provisioning of resources
  • Reduces risk with a pre-validated architecture with prescriptive sizing and design guides

What Makes PTS Different from Other Cloud Providers?

With a proven process for understanding and addressing client needs as well as integrated facilities, IT, cabling experience and expertise, PTS offers a unique vantage point for executing data center, computer room, and network operations center projects.

Integrated Data Center Facility and IT Expertise

This expertise has allowed PTS to develop a highly redundant data center capable of supporting private & hybrid cloud service offerings, IaaS, DRaaS, co-location, and other services without compromising uptime. Our data centers are ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

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