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Guiding Principles

Since its inception in 1998, PTS has purposefully let the marketplace be the driving force behind everything it does. It exists to serve its customers with an unceasing effort to do it better than its competition. PTS’ success will always be measured by its customer’s satisfaction. PTS remains exceedingly responsive to its customer’s needs, anticipates their problems, and develops optimal solutions, on time and within budget. Further, PTS actively seeks to establish strong, long-standing, relationships with its customers and its suppliers.


PTS operates as an entrepreneurial company with a minimum of bureaucracy and a never ending focus on productivity. In addition, PTS actively pursues growth and is willing to take prudent risks in an effort to expand its current businesses and find new ones. However, it seeks simple solutions to complex problems which allow it to produce quality work in a timely manner.

Critical to PTS’ success has been the ability of all its people to think and act with a sense of urgency as well be responsive and decisive in decision making. PTS’ management team realizes great companies rely on outstanding, dedicated, people with great skill in their disciplines, passion for their industry, and respect for individuality. Further, these people thrive when everyone works as a team and focuses on delivering value to PTS’ customers.


Proven Design & Implementation Principles

PTS’ highly skilled workforce specializes in applying proven design and implementation strategies to align the requirements and expectations of your Management, Facility, IT, and Financial personnel with the capabilities of the network.

PTS works to fulfill its mission of creating satisfied customers by emphasizing planning and pre-construction services to provide the optimal people, process, and technology solutions to meet clients’ needs. The result is an early and accurate alignment between scope, schedule, and budget.

Process Driven Strategy

Effective IT design starts with a thorough survey of the existing network, systems, and infrastructure. We then work with the stake holders to identify and quantify project requirements, understand the trends and strategies needed to adapt to future changes, and understand the management capabilities of the existing staff. Following that, we develop a technology roadmap from which implementation and/or relocation budgets and schedules can be established. Analysis of this pre-design effort will lead to a narrowing of the scope, schedule, and budget prior to commencement of detailed design and implementation phases of the project. Only after the client has vetted all the options and approved the final plan do we complete the low-level design. Then, PTS can lead the implementation process through completion as well as provide managed services for either an in-house network or a cloud-based network for our very own IaaS data center.


PTS’ fundamental business strategy is to build long-term client relationships. Since our inception we have attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer value. In fact, over 70 percent of our work is repeat business from loyal clients. This strategy allows us to remain profitable, continue to grow, and retain top talent in any market condition. As a result of this sound business strategy PTS has never had a staff layoff in its history.

Innovative Thinking

Over the years PTS has developed with many solutions to common and uncommon problems that are quickly becoming industry standards.

Please contact us and tell us about your project. Give us the opportunity and we’ll provide you with the justification you need to convince your management to take the next step.

For More Information… Call us at (866) PTS-DCS1 (866-787-3271) or email us at info@PTSdcs.com

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